“When it comes to Naples, prejudices always begin.

And the result is the picture of a dirty and infamous Naples.


Yes, all this must end, where is Pino Daniele’s Naples of a thousand colors, the Naples of theater, song and culinary traditions recognized all over the world? “

And it is from this spirit of revenge, but above all from this strong desire to communicate a Naples different from that of “Gomorra”, that this project to relaunch the city was born, through its history, its colors and its flavors.

Born Il Mio Viaggio a Napoli

A project that was founded during a difficult time and crisis, due to COVID-19.

The narrator of this journey is Giuseppe Russo, a young man who made travelling his primarily source of self growth and inspiration.

“I want to show the world that Naples isn’t just the land of GOMORRA!”

So here, for you are the tales of Naples, through photos and videos which describe the infinite culture, the ancient customs and traditions, that many people don’t know but will instantly love.

Today, IL MIO VIAGGIO A NAPOLI, offers tours, excursions and experiences to get to know the heart and soul of this incredible city.

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